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What is Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is really a virtual ship of dreams, passion, positivity, focus, vision, innovation, mindset, hustling, consistency, etc.. If you have a vision to do innovation for a better world rather than giving more priorities to making money is called entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur’s mindset is different from a normal man and has courage to taking risks. With the right focus and mindset, he/she can do much innovative stuff to change this world.

what is entrepreneurship

Most of the people have a belief that, a businessman and an entrepreneur are same. A businessman is someone who is working just for profits and to increase sales of the business. An entrepreneur is a person who has an innovative idea and dare to execute as a service or product. He/she is mainly focusing for a change in the society from their product/service than making money from it.

Entrepreneurship can be classified in to two:

  1. Small Medium Enterprise (SME)
  2. Innovation Driven Enterprise (IDE)

Small medium enterprises are running to make profits and most of them are focusing their market locally. These types of enterprises are called small medium enterprise.

Innovation driven enterprises are running to make an impact with innovation. They are less focusing on money making and they believe that if they deliver a proper innovative solution to a problem, money will eventually comes. This type of enterprises is called innovation driven enterprise.

Do you know what are the characteristics of entrepreneurship ?

An entrepreneur should have some sort of characteristics in order to become successful in any niche. Because entrepreneurship is not an ordinary thing and an average mindset person can’t win in this battle if he/she don’t show some of these characteristics.

* Passion

You have to follow your passion if you really want to succeed. Because when you do what you love, you don’t feel it like stress. If you love your passion and doing it then you can expect a massive outcome. Also you should think about how to solve a problem in the society or something with your passion. You just have to get addicted with your passion and invest your time in it.

* Willingness to take risk

Taking risk is an important factor for being as an entrepreneur. He/she should be motivated them self and should have courage to take risks. Without taking risk, it is difficult to achieve your goals. So you have to believe in yourself first, then only people around you also believe in you and to your dreams.

* Hard work

Without working hard, it is difficult to achieve success. Every successful entrepreneur are hard workers and if you working for your dreams smartly then you can build your empire soon.

* Focus and vision

You must know about your vision and you must have a focus. Then only you can understand what you want to execute for reaching your goals. You should have a clear vision in order to succeed. Focus on your goals and neglect all the negativity surrounded by you.

* Keep learning

Knowledge is the most powerful tool that can be used to change the world. In today’s world everything is updating day by day and it is important to learn new things and be updated with the trends. Wise people invest their time and money to learn things and others invest in non-profitable stuffs. So if you really wish to become a successful entrepreneur, then never stop learning.

* Hope and positive attitude

A positive mindset is essential for an entrepreneur. Because being an entrepreneur, you have to face many negative situations. But if you have a positive mindset in a negative situation, then you will win. Also always hope for good and for the best. Hope is an important factor since it creates positive vibes in every situation.

These are only some main characteristics which is needed for an entrepreneur to become successful. Actually, entrepreneurship is already generated within every person’s DNA. But only few are willing to hunt their goals without any fear.

In our nation, it is important to develop entrepreneurship for increasing our India’s economy. Because India will develop only if we enhance the development of entrepreneurship. But before you think about how to start a business or how to grow your business, you have to figure it out how it will impact in our nation’s growth.

So do you have an innovative idea which can change the world ? Let me know, comment below.

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