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Coronavirus outbreak & the Digital Marketing Industry

Coronavirus outbreak & the Digital Marketing Industry: Analysis

The Digital marketing industry is at the cusp of a revolution. Unprecedented situations and challenges have fuelled it. Arguably the most undisputed challenge-The Coronavirus Pandemic. But the Digital ecosystem seems to be well off, in such a situation. It is mainly because of many reasons:
1. Lockdown of major cities in almost many countries
2. People have been advised to stay home
3. Flights canceled, trains delayed
4. Restaurants and theatres shut down
5. Malls and offices closed
6. Schools, colleges shut and exams postponed
7. Curfew like situations on weekends

In such situations, traditional brick and mortar businesses are bound to suffer. With customers and people shying away, businesses are feeling the pinch. But consider the digital ecosystem scenario:
1. Online payments and transactions have reached new proportions
2. Work from home is the new mantra
3. Online shopping seems to be booming
4. Facebook and other social medium have registered strong growth
5. All companies buying domain names for developing their website
6. Everyone wants to have a presence on the world wide web
7. Online businesses are increasing exponentially

Now, if you look at the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak and the Digital Marketing Industry, we find that the situation has changed. There are more and more people who are in their homes, and who are glued to the Internet. Most of them been given the work from home option. There are many people who are logged into Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. People want to be updated about news, which is happening all around. Since more eyeballs are now focused on mobiles and computers, digital marketing has become more prominent. Any advertisement which is shown on Facebook has now more people reaching it compared to the previous times. This is the best time for digital marketers to show Google Ads. They have a phenomenal reach as Google is the most visited website across the globe. So, this is the moment for Digital Marketers to showcase their products and services. Business development through the internet has now increased. Also, we see that Coronavirus and business in 2020 have a strong connection, especially in the Digital Marketing services space. The business growth after Coronavirus is heading completely the digital way. Companies like amazon had never had it so good. Digital marketing services have fuelled the Internet revolution, so much that the current bandwidth is considered low. As more and more people work and stay at home, Internet usage will explode, and the governments have to take care of it.

The Industry has now transformed itself into a Branding Industry. It has been successful in creating successful brands, which people will remember for a long time to come. Branding comes naturally to the Digital Marketing Industry and it is seen as an extension of the same. There are not many successful Branding companies and for many in the Digital Marketing Industry, it’s a long way to go with all the concerned stakeholders. It is a kind of evolution with the next generation of Branding Services available. This will have a long term impact on the future of the Digital Marketing Industry.

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