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Digital Marketing is actually the technology of marketing, which is used to promote products or services of a sector using digital channels to the user.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one among the most important digital channels for digital marketing. The main intension of SEO is to bring high website visibility to the users as well as to increase website traffic and conversion rate. In SEO, the website is being optimized for marketing purpose and is brought to the first position by satisfying different ranking factors by Google. A good ranking site is always exposed to users when compared to other websites.

Before knowing its importance, it is necessary to know about SEO. There are two different methods involved in SEO strategy:-

  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO

1)On page SEO

On page SEO is an online optimization technique which is done within the website for increasing website visibility as well as traffic. Here, the website is being optimized efficiently for the purpose of gaining more relevant traffic.

2)Off page SEO

It is an optimization technique which is being done off page. It is the process of building backlinks and website promotion that is, positioning a website in the foremost place in the search engine results page. Off page SEO is done for increasing the page rank of a website as well as to expose it more to the users.Off page is a process of acquiring relevant backlinks from websites which have high authority and page rank.Since backlinks are one of the important ranking factors by Google,link building is still relevant


SEO is an art of increasing website visibility as well as traffic. A user refers only to a website that provides relevant information regarding their searches.Among the available search engines, the widely used search engine is Google, which owns almost 75 percent of the search market. Since organic search is one of the important factor for website traffic, Google seems to be the best search engine that favours the promotion of a brand when compared to other search engines. A good SEO also increases an users experience and also  plays an important role in ranking the websites by increasing its visibility and helping in the promotion of websites, SEO can be considered as the backbone of a business and thus it is difficult to survive a business without a proper digital marketing strategy.

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