10 Amazing facts about Google which most people don’t know

10 Amazing facts about Google which most people don’t know

by DigAdminz September 29, 2018

There is no need of an introduction about Google. Because we are using this search engine in our day today life to get information’s. Google is a search engine which was founded by Larry page and sergey brin on 4th September, 1998.

They were studying in Stanford University as Ph.D students and decided to start a website to provide informations for queries. Now Google is celebrating its 20th anniversary and they are looking for future developments and innovations.

10 Amazing facts about Google which most people don’t know


  1. First name of Google was ‘Backrub

Co-founders Larry page and Sergey brin named their website as backrub. Then they renamed this to Google.


  1. The name Google is derived from the term ‘googol’

Googol is the mathematical term and it means the number 1 followed by 100 zeroes


  1. According to Alexa, Google is internet’s most visited website

Alexa is the global ranking systems of the websites based on the web traffic from the last 3 months. So according to Alexa, Google is the most visited website on the internet.


  1. Google have a web tool called foo.bar to recruit new employees to Google.

When a user searches for programming languages like java or python, Google tracks the user and secretly send them a request


  1. Google has 70 offices in around 40 countries in the world.

Google’s offices are operating in 40 countries in the world and the head quarters of google are in Mountain view, California, Usa.


  1. Annual income of Google is more than 50 billion dollars.

The main revenue of Google is from Google ads. It is one of the richest tech companies in the world.


  1. Once critic quoted that, “Google knows more about you than your mother”

It is right, because Google is a search engine and it is tracking all the queries you searching on the internet. So it can analyze your behavior, secrets, interests etc.


  1. Google rents goats to cut the amount of weeds at Google headquarters.

Google decided to take ‘low carbon approach’ and thus they rent many goats to cut weeds which are in the head quarters of Google.


  1. Google’s first tweet was as follows.

google's first tweet


  1. Google is paying millions of dollars to mozilla

Mozilla firefox is using google as their search provider. Mozilla is one of the most used web browser on the internet today. So google is paying money to them for making google as their default search engine.


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